Save on Quantum with Government rebates & financial incentives!

Solar Homes Package - Hot Water Rebate

The Victorian Government is providing a $1,000 rebate on solar hot water systems for 6,000 households. To check your eligibility or register for updates,visit

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Every Quantum Solar Hot Water System installed is eligible for a financial incentive with the Federal Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Energy efficient products are awarded energy efficiency certificates which can be redeemed for a cash incentive. The higher the STC rating, the more efficient the system and the more you'll save in electricity and earn in incentives.

To view an estimate of the value of the STC incentives you may be entitled to, visit available/#calculator

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates are electronic certificates that operate in a similar way to the STCs and can also be redeemed for a cash incentive.

To calculate the number of VEECs you may be entitled to claim, follow the instructions at available/

How to claim your STC & VEEC financial incentives!

  1. Select & purchase your Quantum Solar Hot Water System to replace existing hot water system.
  2. Arrange for a licensed plumber to install your Quantum hot water service.
  3. Visit and fill in the relevant STC or VEEC form and assign the STC or VEEC credits from Quantum Solar Hot Water System to Tasman Sinkware (Quantum's national distributor), following the installation by the plumber.
  4. Receive your financial incentive from Tasman Sinkware to your nominated bank account.
  5. For more info, visit (STC) or (VEEC)

How to claim Solar Homes Package - Hot Water Rebate

For the latest info on how to claim the Solar Homes Package - Hot Water Rebate visit


300quantum_270L.jpgBuy a 270L Quantum for $3,118.50 and get up to $2,761 in rebates and financial

Quantum Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Compact design and no roof panels required.
  • Energy efficient hot water production that reduces hot water bills by 70% along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, (compared to electric storage tanks).
  • Amazing rebates currently available.
  • Designed in Australia and manufactured to Australian Standard.
  • 5 year warranty on the tank and 2 years warranty on the electric and refrigeration inclusive of parts and all labour.
  • No booster element required, guaranteed to work efficiently to -10°C.
  • Easy installation.

To find out more visit


There's a Quantum to suit every size home!




*This information is correct as at 24 September 2018 and is subject to eligibility. All prices include GST. Total rebate/financial incentive amount is calculated based on the product code 134358 Quantum Solar Hot Water Compact 270L unit, postcode 3000 and application of Solar Homes Package - Hot Water Rebate (not yet launched), Small-scale technology certificate rebate and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates. Rebate/financial incentive terms and conditions apply. Visit for more details. "Comparison cost to run per day is based on the average costs to run a 315L Electric Storage 3.6kW unit and 270L Quantum Solar Hot Water System over a year for a house of four in the Melbourne area using 70 litres of hot water per day per person, paying 31.17 cents per kilowatt hour and daily supply charge of 99.33 cents for power, 2.2. cents per mega joule and daily supply charge of 69 cents for NG. You must apply after purchase to the relevant government scheme for any rebate/financial incentive, is subject to eligibility criteria and the value will vary depending on location, average usage, hot water system and supply charges. To check your rebate/financial inventive eligibility, refer to for more details.